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Shane and I just celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in August! We have a 6 year old son, Josiah, a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Meghan and an 8 month old daughter, Aubrey. Our relationship with God drives how we live. We are so thankful for all He provides for us & continues to grow in us daily.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Old Town Temecula

Last weekend, the kids & I spent the day at my parents house in Temecula. That evening, we went out for a fun evening in Old Town Temecula. Every Friday night in the Summer, they have sidewalk vendors, music, balloon artists, food & more. It was so nice walking around together. Josiah loved stopping & listening to the bands play music. The first picture below is of us stopping for a dance together :). We 'boogied' for about 5 minutes! He cracks me up! We walked to another corner & there was a balloon artist. He was making animals, hands, swords & more for kids & any adults too. They were even free! I picked a purple poodle for Meghan. She really liked it, but not as much as the swords. Josiah was too shy to ask for anything, so I got him a sword. The balloon artist not only gave us 1 sword, he gave us 5 & a sword carrier. He thought it would be fun for us to all have a sword fight...and it was sooooooo much fun! By far my favorite part of the evening. Josiah & I dancin' in the streets :)

Our swords...they were awesome!
Meghan really got into the sword fight!
I love how involved my Dad is. He plays great with Josiah & Meghan. They love playing with him!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach, Farrell's, Mulligans & More

Josiah laughing at the waves...?!!! :)

All cutely wrapped in her towel
Mommy & Sis
Josiah helping Daddy
At Farrell's
Josiah enjoying the fun
Meghan enjoying the ice cream cone!
Josiah got a hole in 1!!!
Getting ready to go in the laser tag room
Drivin' with Mommy
Here we go, Dad!
Riding around the property
Mommy & Meghan dancin'
Josiah dancing with me outside. He wouldn't dance in front of people :)
Here's the explanation of the pictures above...
We've gone on a few family day-cation trips...if that's a word :). We took the kids to the BEACH. It was Meghan's first time and Josiah hadn't been in about 2 years. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but it ended up being a great day. Shane had Josiah carry his own beach chair from the car to our spot on the beach. He was not excited about this & complained a great deal of the way. I thought it was good that Shane had him do that, to teach him to start helping us & that we all pitch in together. At first they said no to the water as soon as their feet hit it (it was pretty cold). But after some ball playing, snacks & running around in the sand, Josiah was up for it. He loved it! He kept 'chasing' the waves & then running from them. They took him under a couple times, but it didn't seem to phase him. Our little messy Meghan just wanted to play in the sand...all day! I love seeing how different my kids are. Josiah hates being dirty & Meghan thoroughly enjoys it :). The day was wonderful & we can't wait to go back. Though next time I will give them showers at the beach instead of waiting until I have 2 sleeping children that I have to wake up & bathe when we get home.
If you & your family haven't had the chance to go to FARRELL'S Restaurant in Mission Viejo, I highly recommend it. The place is full of fun, candy, balloons & ice cream :). We should have planned the evening out a little better. We thought we left in plenty of time to get there around 6. But both our kids had to go to the bathroom a few times on the way down, so we had to make several stops. We got there around 7, but it took us 45 minutes in the line to finally get in. It was well worth the wait though. We ordered scrumpious dinners...hamburgers for us & pizza for the kids. A balloon artist walks around & makes you a hat, animal, or whatever you'd like. Then if someone orders certain ice cream platters off the menu, the staff starts ringing bells, setting off sirens & running around the place with a wheel barrell. They have the customer do some silly things too. Josiah & Meghan got a kick out of watching everyone. We, of course got some ice cream as well. None that would make us sing or push our noses up like pigs though! After the eating was over, we took the kids into the candy shop & let them pick out a few things. When all was said & done, we left at 9:30 pm! I had no idea it was that time. The kids bedtime is at 8, so we had some pretty exhausted little ones on the car ride home.
The next day we headed to MULLIGAN'S Family Fun Center in Murrieta. My Mom met us there & took Meghan to her house. We thought it would be better if we just spent the day with Josiah since there wasn't much for Meghan to do anyway. We got the all you can play & ride pass. We started off playing miniature golf (Josiah's request). Then headed in for some arcades. Josiah kept wanting to go play golf, so we ended up playing 3 times (18 holes each). He was getting quite good towards the end. Shane beat me 2 out of 3 games. We tried to get Josiah to play Laser Tag, but he was very unsure about it. So they let Shane hold Josiah & run around the room with him while I played. He got a little freaked out when he looked at my face under the blue lights. My freckles sure stand out under that lighting! We road the bumper boats only once...they weren't that great. Then we each took him on the Race Cars. He really liked that...though I must say there are some crazy teenagers on those tracks that don't look out for us slow drivers! One fun part of the day was that it started pouring rain while we were on the golf course. The day was beautiful, then just started raining! It was fun trying to finish our last hole & then run inside :).
Some MORE fun we had was spending the day at my Aunt's 50th b-day party. The kids got to ride around in my Uncle's jeep, Meghan played in the dirt a lot & Josiah enjoyed throwing the football around. I took some time to dance with the kids. They enjoy dancing with me, so I take advantage of that time together.

Monday, July 12, 2010

June fun!

June was filled with a lot of fun things...
*Josiah had swim lessons. He did great at listening to the teacher (our friend). He enjoyed the lessons a lot! Though he can't swim by himself still, he has improved a lot.
*We had our first Family Movie Night. Shane made a pallet on the floor of blankets & pillows. We had pizza before hand, then had candy bars & popcorn during the movie. None of us had seen 'Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquel' before. So, we popped that in & had a great night. Meghan went to bed at her normal time (7:30), but Josiah stayed up until 8:30. He was getting really tired. He said a few times that he just wanted to lay down. He was so cute. What a great time together. We'll be making it at least a monthly tradition.
*We spend an evening at The Pond in Temecula feeding the ducks.
*I painted Meghan's toenails for the first time. I was painting my nieces & asked Meghan if she wanted me to do hers too. She said yes & sat down perfectly still. She kept staring at her feet. I love having a girl!
*I threw in a picture below from mine & Shane's get-away that I surrpised him with in May.
*Then there are some other random pictures of the kids.
I'm looking forward to some other family things we're doing throughout the summer, as well as an Anniversary trip next month.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise Get-Away!

I surprised Shane and took him on a little Get-Away at the end of May!... My sister's husband was going to be gone for a couple of days & she asked if she could watch the kids that weekend since she'd never had them overnight before. A few weeks later, at my church's Women's Retreat, I won a free-nights stay at the hotel we held our retreat at. So, that's what started the plan... I knew I needed to make some $ for this to be a complete surprise. Shane would have known if money was disappearing from our account, plus I knew we didn't have the money for a trip at this time. I began selling things on craigslist & then had a garage sale at my parents house. I made more than enough money to cover the weekend. So, I booked the free night at the hotel, plus 1 more night to make the weekend even longer. The week before the trip, I was able to get approval from Shane's boss' to get 1/2 day on Thursday & all of Friday off. They were so helpful! They kept it a secret from Shane and got other people to cover his shifts without him knowing. So, it was finally here! I packed mine & Shane's bags and a friend drove me to his work (so we would have 1 car on our trip). I thought there was a good chance Shane had found out somehow, but I was still excited to be able to get away with him & spend time together. He was 100% surprised! He saw me at his work and said, 'What are you doing here?' I told him I'm taking him away for a couple of days. My plan was to go straight to the beach, or go kayaking, but it was raining :(. So, we checked into the hotel, (The Double Tree in Orange), walked around the block at Orange, rented a couple movies, grabbed dinner to go at Lucille's BBQ, then ate dinner in the hotel while watching the Laker game. Sleeping in was so nice! We haven't been able to do that in quite some time :). Then we headed to the beach, which we hadn't been to in quite some time. This beach has a special place in our relationship. It is where Shane asked me to be his girlfriend. Then over 8 years ago, it is where he proposed! So, we love going to this beach! Another fun part of our get-away was that I had a certificate for 2 free breakfasts, 2 free appetizers & drinks and 2 free dinners! So, we had a full day of free meals...wonderful! We went to check out & were supposed to pay $26 for parking, but the hotel waved that as well! What a blessing! It was so fun to be able to have a trip fully paid for & to relax and spend much needed time together away from the kids for a few days. We had a blast laughing about old memories, talking about the kids & just walking side by side. I'm so thankful for that time with him...and I can't believe I pulled it off!!! I love surprises! (I wish I had pictures to show, but we don't have our camera hook-ups right now).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shots & Stinky messes!

This week Josiah had his 4 year old Dr.'s appointment. He knew he would get shots (4 of them) so he was nervous, but was taking it well. We got there & they weighed him, checked his height & did his first sight test. I was so proud of him for how well he listened to the nurse & did was she asked of him. He read the eye chart so well too. He did great with the Dr. also, all the while knowing the shots were coming. So then it was time. He started crying & calling my name. So i sat next to him on the table & just held him. They started with the tb test. That's the one where the needle stays in your skin until a bubble forms. That, of course freaked him out! I kept trying to get him to not watch, but he insisted on seeing what they were doing. Then they gave him 2 shots in each thigh, which honestly, felt like it took 10 minutes, which I know it didn't. We headed downstairs to check in to the lab & I had to sadly tell Josiah that he had to get one more. He began to cry again. We went into the lab & had 2 viles of his blood drawn, where once again, he wouldn't stop watching & it freaked him out even more. I felt so bad for him! He did tell me that I said he would get 4 shots & he got 6. So I had to tell him I didn't know they would do so many :(. We got through it, though! I took him to get a Rite Aid ice cream (he chose cotton candy...out of all the flavors, really?) :)!!! He was pretty good for the rest of the day & didn't complain much more. At 1am, though he crawled into our bed & said he needed to throw up. As Shane took him down the hall, he began to be sick :(. I took his temperature & he had a 101 degree temp too :(. We got him some children's advil, some water, a washcloth to cool his body & laid him back in his bed. He asked if I would pray for him, so of course I did! He was pretty much asleep before I finished my prayer...tired guy. Then yesterday he had a pretty hard day. He was crabby & not feeling good. I was trying to be gracious as I knew he still didn't feel good...100 temperature & saying his legs hurt. Today is much better! No temperature, no complaining of hurting shot spots.

Meghan Joy!!! My sneaky girl!!! She went upstairs to 'play'. I called her name & she rounded the corner with a plunger in one hand & the toilet brush in the other...yuck! So I ran upstairs to see what she was up to. Toilet paper everwhere! Trash everwhere...she had emptied the trash onto the floor. Apprantly, she had put the toilet brush in the toilet & then walked around the carpeted bathroom floor with it, so lots of wet spots of toilet water were also awaiting me. I stepped in to the room where the tub & toilet are & there was toilet water all over the floor, washcloths in the toilet, more trash & wet toilet paper! Gross! I didn't even know where to begin. Not to mention Meghan was soaked with toilet water too! So I threw the trash away, yet again. Picked up all the rugs, washcloths & towels to put in the hamper & wash, & cleaned the floors. Then it was time for a bath for Meghan.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Josiah is 4 years old!

On Monday, my little boy turned 4! For some reason that feels so big to me. Ages 1, 2 & 3 still felt like Josiah was a little kid, but then 4 came & oh, he just seems so much bigger.
On Sunday we had a Wii Birthday party for him. Him & other kids played video games for a while with a break for Birthday cake & opening presents. He had a wonderful time! Then on his actual Birthday, I took him & 3 of his younger friends who dno't know how to video games, to McDonalds. They played & I brought cake & then got them each an ice cream cone. Later that evening, Josiah opened the gifts from Shane and I. We let him pick where he wanted to go for dessert & he chose Rite Aid...my kind of boy!!! So, we ended our evening with a drive around the corner to get a treat.
A few things Josiah is into these days:
*Video games: Fusion Frenzy on Xbox
*Board games: Kirplunk, Yahtzee Jr., Candy Land, Memory, etc.
*Reading his Bible
*Playing with his friends
The best part of this past year with Josiah is all the questions he's been asking about God. He is very interested in wanting to follow God & do what He says. Shane and I think he is really close to choosing a relationship with God! He has told me a few times that he wants to ask Jesus into his heart. Then he gets a little distracted & I'm not quite sure if he gets it yet. But the fact that he is showing so much interest is the most wonderful thing!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on life

Update on our family life after the pictures below... Josiah playing soccer.

Right after he made his first goal!
Here we are with the lovely fish...
Playing at Gramps & Grammy's house
Josiah helping me make cookies
His 'kissy' face...
Meghan waking Josiah up from his nap
She said 'cheese' when she saw me with the camer!
"Helping" me with the laundry!
Her cute little hat.
Learning the family instrument already!
What God has been teaching me...
God is teaching me a lot about patience & contentment. What I've discovered is that being patient means to wait without complaining. There have been many times when I think I'm being patient, but at the same time I'm complaining about my current situation. So, God is teaching me to be thankful for the things He's provided for us! He will always take care of us in times of trouble...and in times of joy! This season of our life is tough. Shane's part-time job loss has hit us hard financially. We're having to cut many things out of our budget that are definitely not 'needs'. Each day when I feel myself getting frustrated that I'm having to try & live 'small', I turn my heart towards praise to God. I began thanking Him for everything He has given me & for His promise to take care of me. That He is doing! So, I wait patiently to see when our financial situation will be better. But in the meantime, I am enjoying life & trying to please God with my attitude!
Though finances are tough, I more so am just feeling sad about the part-time job loss. I wish that things could be fixed & go back to how they were. We're waiting for answers from God & trying to be faithful as we move forward in life. I appreciate my husband so much as he seeks God out to try to figure out 'where to go from here'. He has a few things he's praying about pursuing, but still has his love for his old part-time job which weighs a lot on his heart. I'm grateful beyond words for our God. He brings comfort & hope. He's the One we can turn to!
Some fun family times...
We were able to go fishing with some families from church. Josiah was more interested in playing soccer & other fun things they had lying around than he actually was fishing. After a couple of tries, we finally caught a fish! We...I mean, Shane! I thought it was pretty gross, but hey, I never went fishing growing up, so it's new to me. Shane cooked the nice rainbow trout in garlic & butter. I said I wouldn't try it, but I took a bite! I can't believe I thought it was good...who would have thought? Nice job on the cooking, Babe!
Yesterday, Josiah has his first soccer 'game'. I say 'game' because at 3 years old, the kids just learn a little fundamentals of soccer. They did some exercises & a few drills that consisted of kicking the ball to your partner. The last 15 minutes or so, the kids were divided into teams (blue/green). They were then numbered off. If your number was called, you had to run out onto the field & try to score a goal before the other team did. Josiah ran on the field as soon as his number was called & scored both of his goals! That was the highlight of his time! Even at this age he is so competitive. He kept asking which team won :). Of course they didn't keep score outloud, but Josiah's team slaughtered the other guys :). I was so proud of Josiah's attitude. He listened to his couches very well & treated his teammates kindly. He was cheering them on & was being patient for his turn. It's times like that that I know our hard work in raising him how God wants us to is really sinking in for him.
Little Meghan Joy is growing so fast. This morning she said her first phrase: "Hi Daddy". I loved it! She walked into our room where Daddy was just getting up & she clearly said Hi to just him :). There are a few pictures above of some cute things she's doing. She likes to play in the laundry basket of clothes I have just folded...great! :) One day I asked her if she wanted to go get 'Bubba' & she crawled upstairs & went straight to his door. I had to help her open it, but once it was open she walked to his bed & took his covers off. She really was waking him up. She's so funny!
Enjoy the pictures! I pray God is teaching you a lot of things too!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meghan's 1st Birthday!

On January 16th, Meghan turned 1!!! The year went by way too fast. I remember back to the day of her arrival. I was laying in a room waiting to go in for my c-section. Shane had given me his ipod to listen to music & try to relax, as I was very nervous. I layed there crying for a few reasons...I was sad that it was my last few moments being pregnant. I loved being pregnant & feeling Meghan move inside of me. Another reason for the tears was fear. I was nervous about the giant needle going in my back & was praying that Meghan and I would be okay.

At 2:05pm I heard the most beautiful cry. My daughter was here!
She cried a lot while they cleaned her up. Then they brought her to me so I could see her for a few minutes. As soon as my lips touched her cheek when I gave her her first kiss, she stopped crying. She knew me already :).
Then about an hour later, she was placed in my arms. Tears began again as I held my baby girl. She was beautiful!
I'd always wanted a daughter but really wasn't sure if God would choose to give me one. I had set my heart to being fine with all boys. Then, the ultrasound day arrived & much to my surprise (and extreme happiness), the ultrasound technician said 'It's a Girl'!

And now, that girl celebrated her 1st Birthday!

Her Birthday was a lot of fun. Shane, Josiah & I went into her room when she woke up that morning & sang her 'Happy Birthday'. We gave her the presents we got her & the started getting ready for her party.

We had our families over & a few friends for teh big day. Our home was filled with pink, purple & green balloons, flowers & banners. Josiah loved it!

The guests arrived & we got started with a few games for the kids...pin the cupcake in the little girl's hand, baby bottle bowling & beanbag toss. Trying to get around 10 kids to patiently await their turn was very challenging :).

Then came Meghan's first taste of cake. She gently stuck her fingers in the icing & tasted it. I could tell she liked it. I then put some of the chocolate cake on her hand & let her eat that. She definitely likes cake :). She was pretty dainty about the whole thing; didn't go crazy, although she still managed to get very messy.

A few minutes later, Meghan opened her presents. She had fun opening her toys and began playing with them right away.

It was a very memorable day.

Some things I love about her:

*how she darts for the stairs as soon as she sees the gate is not up

*that she lights up when Daddy comes home

*she wants whatever we're eating

*her smile & cute laugh

*how she stands up whenever I put her in a cart or high-chair

*how she plays so independantly with toys

*that she gives her babies kisses & feeds them a bottle

*her beautiful blue eyes & gorgeous blonde hair

*how she likes to help me push the shopping cart

*she recognizes her big brother & says 'Bubba'

*when I say, 'Can I have a kiss?', she leans in & lets me kiss her

*how she knows how to hold her bottle but would rather me do it for her

*her way of playing is dumping things out & putting them back into a bucket

*she laughs so hard when you chase her

*she can give high-five's (that of course, Daddy taught her)

What a wonderful 1st year we've had with Meghan. We're so grateful for her & the joy she has brought to our lives.

Happy 1st Birthday, Meghan Joy! Shane and Meghan when she was born!Shane and Meghan on her 1st Birthday!Meghan and I when she was born!Meghan and I on her 1st Birthday!Getting ready to eat her first cake ever!She definitely liked it!She was such a cutie!

Josiah enjoying helping Meghan with her presents!

She loves this toy!