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Shane and I just celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in August! We have a 6 year old son, Josiah, a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Meghan and an 8 month old daughter, Aubrey. Our relationship with God drives how we live. We are so thankful for all He provides for us & continues to grow in us daily.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach, Farrell's, Mulligans & More

Josiah laughing at the waves...?!!! :)

All cutely wrapped in her towel
Mommy & Sis
Josiah helping Daddy
At Farrell's
Josiah enjoying the fun
Meghan enjoying the ice cream cone!
Josiah got a hole in 1!!!
Getting ready to go in the laser tag room
Drivin' with Mommy
Here we go, Dad!
Riding around the property
Mommy & Meghan dancin'
Josiah dancing with me outside. He wouldn't dance in front of people :)
Here's the explanation of the pictures above...
We've gone on a few family day-cation trips...if that's a word :). We took the kids to the BEACH. It was Meghan's first time and Josiah hadn't been in about 2 years. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but it ended up being a great day. Shane had Josiah carry his own beach chair from the car to our spot on the beach. He was not excited about this & complained a great deal of the way. I thought it was good that Shane had him do that, to teach him to start helping us & that we all pitch in together. At first they said no to the water as soon as their feet hit it (it was pretty cold). But after some ball playing, snacks & running around in the sand, Josiah was up for it. He loved it! He kept 'chasing' the waves & then running from them. They took him under a couple times, but it didn't seem to phase him. Our little messy Meghan just wanted to play in the sand...all day! I love seeing how different my kids are. Josiah hates being dirty & Meghan thoroughly enjoys it :). The day was wonderful & we can't wait to go back. Though next time I will give them showers at the beach instead of waiting until I have 2 sleeping children that I have to wake up & bathe when we get home.
If you & your family haven't had the chance to go to FARRELL'S Restaurant in Mission Viejo, I highly recommend it. The place is full of fun, candy, balloons & ice cream :). We should have planned the evening out a little better. We thought we left in plenty of time to get there around 6. But both our kids had to go to the bathroom a few times on the way down, so we had to make several stops. We got there around 7, but it took us 45 minutes in the line to finally get in. It was well worth the wait though. We ordered scrumpious dinners...hamburgers for us & pizza for the kids. A balloon artist walks around & makes you a hat, animal, or whatever you'd like. Then if someone orders certain ice cream platters off the menu, the staff starts ringing bells, setting off sirens & running around the place with a wheel barrell. They have the customer do some silly things too. Josiah & Meghan got a kick out of watching everyone. We, of course got some ice cream as well. None that would make us sing or push our noses up like pigs though! After the eating was over, we took the kids into the candy shop & let them pick out a few things. When all was said & done, we left at 9:30 pm! I had no idea it was that time. The kids bedtime is at 8, so we had some pretty exhausted little ones on the car ride home.
The next day we headed to MULLIGAN'S Family Fun Center in Murrieta. My Mom met us there & took Meghan to her house. We thought it would be better if we just spent the day with Josiah since there wasn't much for Meghan to do anyway. We got the all you can play & ride pass. We started off playing miniature golf (Josiah's request). Then headed in for some arcades. Josiah kept wanting to go play golf, so we ended up playing 3 times (18 holes each). He was getting quite good towards the end. Shane beat me 2 out of 3 games. We tried to get Josiah to play Laser Tag, but he was very unsure about it. So they let Shane hold Josiah & run around the room with him while I played. He got a little freaked out when he looked at my face under the blue lights. My freckles sure stand out under that lighting! We road the bumper boats only once...they weren't that great. Then we each took him on the Race Cars. He really liked that...though I must say there are some crazy teenagers on those tracks that don't look out for us slow drivers! One fun part of the day was that it started pouring rain while we were on the golf course. The day was beautiful, then just started raining! It was fun trying to finish our last hole & then run inside :).
Some MORE fun we had was spending the day at my Aunt's 50th b-day party. The kids got to ride around in my Uncle's jeep, Meghan played in the dirt a lot & Josiah enjoyed throwing the football around. I took some time to dance with the kids. They enjoy dancing with me, so I take advantage of that time together.

Monday, July 12, 2010

June fun!

June was filled with a lot of fun things...
*Josiah had swim lessons. He did great at listening to the teacher (our friend). He enjoyed the lessons a lot! Though he can't swim by himself still, he has improved a lot.
*We had our first Family Movie Night. Shane made a pallet on the floor of blankets & pillows. We had pizza before hand, then had candy bars & popcorn during the movie. None of us had seen 'Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquel' before. So, we popped that in & had a great night. Meghan went to bed at her normal time (7:30), but Josiah stayed up until 8:30. He was getting really tired. He said a few times that he just wanted to lay down. He was so cute. What a great time together. We'll be making it at least a monthly tradition.
*We spend an evening at The Pond in Temecula feeding the ducks.
*I painted Meghan's toenails for the first time. I was painting my nieces & asked Meghan if she wanted me to do hers too. She said yes & sat down perfectly still. She kept staring at her feet. I love having a girl!
*I threw in a picture below from mine & Shane's get-away that I surrpised him with in May.
*Then there are some other random pictures of the kids.
I'm looking forward to some other family things we're doing throughout the summer, as well as an Anniversary trip next month.