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Shane and I just celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in August! We have a 6 year old son, Josiah, a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Meghan and an 8 month old daughter, Aubrey. Our relationship with God drives how we live. We are so thankful for all He provides for us & continues to grow in us daily.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Congratulations Micah & Kelly!

Shane's brother, Micah is engaged! On Friday, Nov. 28th he took Kelly horse back riding on a beach in South Carolina. During the beautiful date he got down on his knee & asked Kelly to marry him! Of course she said "Yes"!!! Micah & Kelly have been dating since their Freshman year at Cal Baptist University & are now Juniors. They are currently interns in Washington D.C. until they finally return home next month. We love Kelly! Her & Micah are a great couple as we have watched them work well together, challenge eachother & encourage eachother. They love God & really live to honor Him. We are excited to see them next month as an engaged couple! We look forward to when they become man & wife. Congratulations you two! We love you & are so happy for you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year was the first year that Josiah really got in to 'trick or treating'. He was dressed as "Woody" from Toy Story this year. I took him to a shopping center where each store was passing out candy. He quickly got the hang of it as he followed his cousins & friends in to each store saying 'trick or treat' & then 'thank you'. It never failed that he wanted to eat each piece that he got right away! I can understand how he felt when he's handed candy & can't eat it. Later in the evening my parents came down & we took him around a neighborhood so he could experience the good old fashioned way of trick or treating. He loved that. He even went up to one house by himself as he looked at us and said 'I'll be right back' :)!!! It was an enjoyable night as a family as we had so much fun together.